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    Baking machinery development prospects

    Author: Source: Date:2016/9/18 9:35:43 Visits


        With the rapid economic development, the process of urbanization accelerated, and the construction of a comprehensive well - off society in depth, people 's living standards improved significantly, lifestyle and consumption structure have undergone significant changes. People to meet the food and clothing at the same time, travel and leisure activities gradually increased, and began to pursue a healthy, stylish diet, baking food for its easy to carry, convenient, stylish and so on, more and more consumers. Relevant data show that the past few years China's bakery industry has developed rapidly, sales and output value increased year by year.


        Store: baked class appliances favored

        Not long ago, a number of home appliance stores to visit, to see the electric oven, bread machine, steam box and other appliances have been placed in a small household electrical appliances prominent position, it is easy to see that the current baking small household appliances more popular with consumers.

        According to sales staff, the current sales of electric appliances such as oven and other good, many young mother with children over to buy, and 90 after the college students are increasing consumers, sales increased by nearly half. According to observation, there are many kinds of oven styles, the general capacity of the larger the higher the price of the oven, the price is mostly in the 200-600 yuan. And the lowest price is a few mini-oven, marked the function is also relatively complete, in addition to making bread, cakes, small biscuits, but also make egg tarts, roast chicken, roasted sweet potato, price 99 yuan, It is very convenient for the students to welcome the barts, cookies and cookies, "the sales staff said. Suning Appliance City Bridge shop, also see a variety of baking class of home appliances in the sale, such as oven, bread machine, electric baking pan and so on.

        Compared to the physical store sales, electric oven and other baking small household appliances sales momentum on the Internet more fierce. Not long ago, Taobao website to see a price of 358 yuan 32 liters capacity of a brand electric oven, the monthly sales reached 13,943 pieces. Another brand of a mini-home oven, priced at only 199 yuan, the monthly turnover has reached 16,479 pen.

        Citizens: more experience the fun of baking

        Oven brought not only convenience and delicious, it is "fun", the use of the oven, at home can be arbitrary to create personalized, ingredients and flavors can be any match, play their imagination to make their favorite food, this process let People are very enjoyable, and look at their own finished products will be very satisfied.

        Baking machinery is an important part of China's food machinery industry, the 12th Five-Year period is a key period for China to properly cope with the major changes in the development environment at home and abroad, to accelerate the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and a critical period for the healthy development of China's bakery industry. Although the external environment uncertainties, but China's economic development is still high growth period, China's baking machinery in the international market, the comparative advantage is still there, the domestic bakery market is expected to continue to be optimistic.

        China's bakery industry must work hard in the core technology research, the government should pay attention to, enterprises should be willing to spend money, the key link to organize team research, in order to improve international competitiveness, increase exports, expand domestic demand. In addition, baked goods in addition to bread, cakes, moon cakes, a wide range, many baked goods have no dedicated production equipment.