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    Baking Market New Trends Bring New Challenges to Baking Equipment

    Author: Source: Date:2016/9/20 9:35:19 Visits


        Before baking shops in the market is not common, the cake is only when the birthday will eat. Today, the increase in disposable income of residents and the upgrading of urbanization, to promote the development of baking industry in China, the streets have a variety of characteristics of bakery, cake house. At the same time, freezers, fresh cabinets and other refrigeration equipment and pastries, electric ovens and other baking machinery for the development of China's baking industry to provide technical support to a certain extent, promote the development of baking market mechanization.

        China's baking market in 2019 will exceed 240 billion yuan

        From 2014 to 2015, bakery products have grown in both production and sales, but the slowdown in growth and declining margins in some sub-sectors has been declining as compared to previous years, while competition in the industry is closer Intensified. In this case, in order to achieve sustained development, it must be in the product and business model to achieve differentiation, to understand the industry information and new trends in order to quickly innovate is essential.

        2014 China's baking market with an annual output value of more than 140 billion yuan. The industry predicts that the market in 2015-2019 has an average annual compound growth rate of 11%, and in 2019 more than 240 billion yuan. Among them, the total retail sales of bakery products in 2014 more than 24 billion yuan, accounting for about 17% of China's bakery industry; cake bakery products, total retail sales of more than 61 billion, accounting for nearly 44% of China's baking market share; Product retail sales of about 54 million, accounting for China's baked market share of nearly 39%.

        Refrigeration equipment heating up China's baking market

        Although 2015 to 2019, China's cake market will be the fastest increase in the baking food, but at present, China's baking market concentration is low, the top ten brand market share in recent years continued to less than 10%. Handmade bakery is the mainstream of the Chinese bakery market and occupies about 75% of the market share in 2015. The major brands include Melissa, Kristin, 85 ° C, Bread New Language and so on. Independent chain bakery stores will have a greater market share, shorter shelf life and more fresh bulk bakery products will have a more robust development. And these have to be achieved, thanks to the cold chain logistics and online business channel development and other factors.

        As we all know, in recent years, China's electricity business platform is particularly rapid development, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables can be purchased through the network. With the consumer demand for baked goods to enhance the ice cream cake, snow moon cake favored by consumers, and such food on the preservation, transportation requirements are relatively high. Therefore, only in the cold chain constantly improve the case, can be achieved. And now, cold storage, fresh cabinets, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment development, greatly extending the sales of fresh roasted pastry radius, to expand its market size is very helpful.

        Baking Market New Trends Bring New Challenges to Baking Equipment

        Cold chain related equipment for the baking market to open another sales channel, and with the improvement of consumer living standards, as well as strong demand for food health, baking food development also presents a new trend. The shift in consumer attitudes leads residents to buy more products that focus on nutrition. Add dietary fiber whole wheat bread and corn and other coarse grains bread sought after by healthy people. Can not be ignored is that more and more consumers will be more emphasis on food safety and other factors and homemade baked goods.

        At the same time, baking health needs to improve, not only means that the need for baking food nutrition more comprehensive balance, but also to participate in baking equipment put forward higher requirements. For example, the future baking machinery needs to be more automated, just a little finger, need to make what kind of pastry, to add any material, you can in the computer under the precise control, to complete. This functional requirement will be more marketed with the popularity of home baking. I have reason to believe that the future, the baking market is bound to move in the mechanization, intelligence, automation direction, when everyone can become a baker. However, the realization of these ideas, are also related to the pastry machinery, baking machinery manufacturers work together, the wisdom of sublimation into the production of power for the development of China's bakery market dedicated.