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    Hinder the Chinese bakery market three major problems

    Author: Source: Date:2017/3/15 11:58:45 Visits


        With the rapid development of the domestic economy, people's lifestyle and consumption structure changes, baked goods with its easy to carry, convenient, stylish and other characteristics by many consumers of all ages. The development of baked goods has unprecedented opportunities and huge demand for space. Domestic bakery industry is developing very rapidly, but also stimulated the development of agriculture, agricultural products processing, food machinery and packaging industry, which bakery food machinery development is more rapid.

            Bakery products mainly include biscuits, bread and pastries and other major categories of products, food industry is one of the largest categories. Baking food industry is an important pillar of national economy and an important industry closely related to people's daily life. It is also an important pillar of the national economy.

            In recent years, the domestic bakery has been showing rapid growth trend, its growth rate is far greater than the average growth rate of the food industry, but the current domestic baking industry there are three major problems.

            First, the baking industry to enter the threshold is not high Practitioners generally low education, technical staff are mostly after short-term training posts, not through the system of professional learning. At present, the vast majority of our employees in the baking industry are only experienced, no theory, which makes practitioners can not be a good test of the pros and cons of raw materials, stable product quality, the use of new technology and new technology. With the baking food industry competition is fierce, products and technology continue to introduce new, baking industry, the problem of talent has become increasingly prominent.

            Second, China's bakery technology and equipment, the overall level of performance behind. In addition to some foreign-funded enterprises, the vast majority of enterprises in China is still using traditional production technology, some new technologies such as two fermentation process, two mixing technology, continuous fermentation process and high fever continuous oven and automatic control equipment has not been widely promoted The

            Third, in terms of business model. At present, the vast majority of domestic baking business is the former shop after the factory, the central factory chain operations rarely. So that enterprises invest in large, high production costs, product quality is not stable, not easy chain, it is difficult to produce brand effect. With the increase in the level of consumption, baked goods towards the residents to meet the individual, fashion, diversification and branding chain direction of development, and now most companies still follow the traditional management model, modern enterprise system and total quality management has not been comprehensive Implementation.